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Subject: [wsbpel] Issue - 53 - Should include Business Transaction Management(BTM) programming constructs compatible with WS-T, BTP and WS-TXM


>    1. Business transaction creation, manifested by the creation of a
>       business transaction context variable.
>    2. Business transaction context reception and transmission
>       (propagation) via invoke/receive/reply, allowing sub-transaction
>       or pass-through behaviour.
>    3. Process involvement in business transactions as participants,
>       which can handle positive and negative transaction finalization
>       messages (by means of confirm and cancel handlers).
mm1: Context may not only apply to business transactions. Therefore, we 
may need to consider it separate from business transactions.  For 
example, would it not be prudent to consider a simple context mechanism 
that has other utility? Thanks.

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