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Subject: Fw: Oasis TC membership requirements

The recent web ballot on Issue 23 brought to light a new provision in the 
OASIS voting process.  It is now necessary to have a quorum for a valid 
web ballot.  In the past, those who did not participate in the ballot were 
considered to be abstaining rather than absent.  Issue 23 did not have a 
quorum and so will need to be voted at the next TC conference call. 

This is to remind you that OASIS has membership requirements for 
participating in ballots as well as for attendance.  Specifically:  "A 
member shall be warned by mail from the chair of the TC upon failure to 
return two out of three most recent successive mail ballots. Membership 
shall be terminated if the member fails to return the next mail ballot 
following transmittal of the warning."  This is intended to apply to web 
ballots as well as mail ballots.  So far, we have not used the web ballots 
very extensively and therefore have not enforced this aspect of the 
process.   Moving forward, we will start enforcing it. 

Please plan to participate in both the meetings and ballots for the TC. 
Diane Jordan and John Evdemon 
WS BPEL TC co-chairs

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