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Subject: Fishing expedition for static check assumptions



As you may recall, the use cases group has structured the deliverables in such a way that there is a section in the use case catalog for “Global Assumptions”. The assumptions so far are divided into:

-          design time

-          deploy time

-          run time


As I read the last exchange on issue #37 Satish mentioned that perhaps a certain error condition can be statically detected. I also recall that Tony Andrews is also very keen on static analysis, and I must say that I am also interested. We probably all are.


I would like to start now by filling in the ‘Global Assumptions’ in the use case catalog with a list of assumptions, starting with “static checks”. If you know of any, please reply (to the whole group please) with the following info:


  1. Name of static check
  2. Purpose
  3. Rough outline of how you think this would be implemented.


I will put these static check assumptions under “design time” assumptions. If there is already such a comprehensive  list, and I overlooked it, please direct me to it.


Thanks in advance!


Harvey Reed

Technical Product Manager

Sonic Software




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