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Subject: RE: [wsbpel] Abstract BPEL (was RE: [wsbpel] FAQ)

Hello All,

I have been lurking on this TC for some time (since I thought I was in
Observer mode that is what I have been doing).

Surely there is a high degree of overlap in this discussion with the BPMN
process modelling initiative of the BPMI. With BPMN models - 'Private
(Internal) Business Processes' are _internal_ to an organization. A single
private business process will map to a single BPEL document (my
understanding of what BPEL is all about). On the other hand, 'Abstract
(Public) Processes' are used to represent the interactions between a Private
Business Process and another process or participant. Only those activities
that are used to communicate outside the private business process are
included. The Abstract Process shows to the outside world the sequence of
messages required to interact with that business process. Collaboration
(Global) Processes are used to depict the interactions between two or more
business entities defined as a sequence of activities representing the
message exchange patterns between the entities involved.

I think we have to really keep in mind what this is all about - allowing
business people to get things done rather than solve technical
implementation problems for vendors. Business people will want to work at an
abstract level and have the 'magic' happen behind the scenes (i.e. the
translation of that model into something that can just work inside my

<Quick Intro>
My expertise comes from many years of undertaking architectural level
reviewing and evaluating process oriented tools and products along with the
methodologies that underpin them. If you are interested in some of the
reviews we have undertaken recently check the detailed evaluations of the
Fuego and Staffware products (www.enix.co.uk/ppw.htm). IMNSHO, many of the
orchestration issues that are vexing some of the members of this group have
already been solved (in a proprietary fashion) in products like Fuego.
Others might be interested in an article I am currently preparing - "The
Split Personality of BPM" - parts 1 & 2 available on the same web page, part
III which will focus on modelling, sometime next week).
</Quick Intro>


Derek Miers
Enix Consulting Limited
9 Lonsdale Road
London, W4 1ND
Office:	+44 (20) 8742 8500
Mobile:	+44 (7703) 17 8500

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