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Subject: v2.1 - Workflow is just a Pi process - new paper from CSC, as PDF download



This paper provides an update on the unification of WFM and BPM. It was written to provide 
enhanced understanding between the WFMC and BPMI community and may also be helpful to 
members of BPEL TC at OASIS. It shows how workflow patterns can be modelled using BPML
and how BPMS can use BPML to implement workflow semantics. As such, it illustrates aspects 
roadmap towards BPMS and the "use cases" for BPEL.

Abstract: There is much talk today about a business process management (BPM) rEvolution. 
The revolutionary part is about a new category of software known as the business process 
management system (BPMS). The evolutionary part is about using the BPMS to exploit existing 
business and technology assets in a way that creates new value. Along with any revolution 
comes confusion. What exactly is BPM? Isn’t it just workflow technology, which has been in 
use for twenty years, plus Web services? Why don’t we describe what is going on today as 
the “new workflow rEvolution,” a subtle extension of workflow systems? To answer these 
questions, we explore the foundations of the workflow paradigm, and describe the paradigm 
shift in technology that is needed to overcome limitations of workflow systems to build and 
deploy robust business process management systemsthe kind of information systems that 
businesses now demand as new sources of competitive advantage in an ever more uncertain 
and complex global economy. 

Feedback welcome.


Howard Smith

cell            +44 7711 594 494 (worldwide)
home office +44 20 8660 1963

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