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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 77 - Under specified operation definitions


    Thanks very much for your answers; they are helpful. My comments are in-line below:

Ugo Corda wrote:
My quick answers to your questions below:
> do we let individual implementations "fix" it their own ways?
That is always an option for new implementations. But what about legacy ones? Some companies may not be in the condition of fixing their existing implementations.
    True, this is also a consideration my team worries about (we created Sun's first SOAP implementation).

    Rather than modifying legacy systems (which is, I agree, impractical), can we not, as Yaron has suggested, modify the WSDL describing them? I know this has implications (not to mention risks), but sounds more doable than modifying the service itself.
> Will this affect compatibility when we move forward to WSDL 2?
Good question, but probably too early to ask. The latest indication I have seen from the WSD WG is for a Recommendation time frame of middle 2005 (more than one year and a half away - who knows what will actually end up in that spec by then?).
    I get very mixed messages about the status of WSDL 2. I have been told that the current draft is close to being baked; I have also been told, as you have, that it is nowhere near done yet. It would be helpful to clarify this, so that we will know how much attention to spend of WSDL 2 now.

Best regards,

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