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Subject: Implementation subgroup plans for Face to face meeting

The implementation subgroup will be holding a "showcase" during the face 
to face meeting on Dec. 9-10.   Participation is open to all TC members. 
Exact time will be available when the agenda is finalized.  The intent of 
this showcase is to illustrate implementations of BPEL to exercise the 
spec and provide validation/expose problems in it to support the TC's 
work.  This is a set of informal trials for development purposes, and is 
not a conformance test, nor a complete test of spec functionality.  It 
does not necessarily use finalized elements of the TC's specification, 
which is still in development.  Members are encouraged to employ 
early-stage builds in order to test both the spec and their 
implementations.  There is no plan for a public announcement of the event 
or any results by the TC and members are requested not to issue a press 
release based on it.   Some further guidelines developed by the subgroup 
---- implementations will not become part of the BPEL specification.
---- it is a event for the TC.  Any member may participate or observe, and 
may bring colleagues working on their implementations.  Others will not be 
---- it is intended to be a work session and not a demo.  Implementations 
may not be complete, work may be required to complete scenarios, etc. 
---- to the extent possible, proposed scenarios for testing will to be 
shared ahead of time and there may be web based testing available.
---- it is intended as a friendly, collaborative event. 
---- implementation may be prototypes or proofs of concept.  They do not 
need to be products and there is no assumption that any will become 
---- implementations will be for the use of the TC for the above purpose, 
and there will be no licenses to use the implementations outside the TC or 
for any other purpose.
---- confidential information (eg, source code and other implementation 
details) should not be disclosed.

We can discuss this on the TC call this week. 

Regards, Diane
IBM  Dynamic e-business Technologies
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123

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