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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 99 - Proposal to vote

Why don't we allow abstract activities to either start with a normal, 
legal start activity and/or an <opaque> activity? The meaning of using 
<opaque> as a start activity in the context of an abstract process is 
'unspecified stuff happens first..."

By explicitly including an <opaque> activity we make it clear that it 
was the intention of the author of the abstract activity to not specify 
how the process starts.


Trickovic, Ivana wrote:

> Proposed resolution for issue 99: Any basic activity, except activities <reply> 
> and <terminate>, may appear at the beginning of a BPEL abstract process. 
> The proposed resolution does not affect the BPEL Schema (no changes are needed). 
> Clarifications should be included in sections 6.4 and 11.4.
> Please note that the <terminate> activity is limited to executable processes, 
> and a <reply> activity must always be preceded by a <receive> activity. 
> Therefore these two activities are explicitly excluded.
> Kind regards,
> Ivana
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