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Subject: RE: [wsbpel] Issue - 152 - New Proposal to Vote - Friendly Amendment

That's not friendly!

Two other groups have adopted the proposal, including non-MD authors and
as a reasonable way to isolate the respective specs from underlying
changes to addressing schemes.
This is a mountain out of a mole-hill for what is just an optional


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Yaron Y. Goland [mailto:ygoland@bea.com] 
>Sent: 09 September 2004 01:40
>To: Francisco Curbera
>Cc: wsbpel@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: [wsbpel] Issue - 152 - New Proposal to Vote - 
>Friendly Amendment
>I would propose the following friendly amendment:
><xs:element name="service-ref" type= tns:ServiceRefType/>
><complexType name="ServiceRefType">
>   <complexContent>
>     <restriction base="bpws:tExtensibleElements">
>       <sequence>
>         <element ref="bpws:documentation" minOccurs="0"
>                  maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
>         <any namespace="##other" processContents="lax" minOccurs="0"
>              maxOccurs="1"/>
>       </sequence>
>       <anyAttribute namespace="##other" processContents="lax"/>
>     </restriction>
>   </complexContent>
>This will introduce two changes:
>1) If an EPR can be fully described using nothing but 
>attributes then it 
>is possible to do so by not having any children in service-ref and 
>instead defining the values as attributes on the service-ref 
>element itself.
>2) It allows for documentation elements. Since these elements 
>belong to 
>the BPEL controlled namespace there should be no confusion as to their 
>meaning inside of an EPR.
>	Yaron
>Francisco Curbera wrote:
>> Following up on yesterday's discussion I am proposing an alternative 
>> resolution to issue 152. The aim, as it was discussed, is to 
>> unnecessary and redundant syntax:
>> The "reference-scheme" attribute will be removed from the 
>> "bpws:service-ref" element wrapper. The schema definition for the 
>> wrapper will thus be changed to the following:
>> <xs:element name="service-ref" type= tns:ServiceRefType /> 
>> <xs:complexType name="ServiceRefType">
>>     <xs:sequence>
>>         <xs:any namespace="##other" processContents="lax" 
>> minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1"/>
>>     </xs:sequence>
>> </xs:complexType>
>> Paco
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