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Subject: draft agenda for Sept f2f

A draft agenda for the 9/21-23 f2f is below.  We can discuss this on the call tomorrow.  Email comments are also welcome.
Based on input from the issues coordination group, I used certain guidelines in putting it together that you may be interested in:    
- priority is to review and approve the most recent version of the spec and to make as much progress on resolving issues as possible.  
- issues that have proposals to vote, or which seem close to having one (determined by consensus of attendees) will be prioritized.  I've gotten a few suggestions from the issues coordination group - feel free to let me know your "favorites".  
- we'll try to start with "easy" ones that can hopefully be disposed of quickly (of course this is a matter of opinion and the reality may surprise us).  
-once we've been through the issues with proposed resolutions, we will start on those with outstanding draft proposals and then work through all the issues by category (this is in contrast to previous f2f meetings where we went through the categories for issues being voted).  
I'd like to suggest we all work to manage the discussions so we do not belabor points where we are unlikely to make progress.  We can defer discussion for more consideration or use ballots (straw polls or regular) to try to get through impasses.    

As we've done in the past, we will break every 2 hours to take a checkpoint on the agenda, update roll on the phone, switch minute taker and hold votes as required.  

Proposed agenda:
- Start up admin:  roll call, approve agenda, appoint minute takers, approve last meeting minutes
- review and approve latest draft of spec
- issue discussion:
First priority: Issues with proposals to vote:   We will cover proposals to vote in reverse order to that which they've been received to avoid bogging down early on ones that we've already deferred for various reasons, but all will be discussed.  As of today this would be issues 123, 10, 129, 151, 152, 2, 115.
New proposals to vote received before this Fri. will go to the top of the list.  
We will review issues 91, 97, 99, 107 as a group along with the other abstract issues on Wed to accomodate one of the folks who is very involved and can't attend Tues.  Exact time will depend on where we are in the other issues under discussion.

Second priority:  issues with draft proposals that may be able to be "promoted" to proposals:
- since most of these have come from Yaron, I've largely taken his input on which he thinks are closest:  137, 134, 89,  9, 52, 87, 135, 6
- These are ones that will probably take more time based on his input or the email traffic:  103, 110, 81,139

Third: review all remaining issues by category (alphabetical order).
- Schedule
On Thursday we will reserve some time to discuss the schedule and whether we want to establish new checkpoints for managing the work.  A suggestion has been made that we should require future proposals to vote to include all require spec language changes.  We may also want to discuss the suggestion that at some point we will want to start closing issues that have aged to a certain point without any activity and when we might project putting something like that in effect.  I encourage you to send any additional ideas in this area to the email list for consideration prior to the meeting.

Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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