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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 6 - Rough draft of proposal for vote

> Yaron Y. Goland wrote:
>> Section 14.3 of the spec states: "An important characteristic of 
>> assignment in BPEL4WS is that assignment activities are atomic. If 
>> there is any fault during the execution of an assignment activity, 
>> the destination variables are left unchanged as they were at the 
>> start of the activity. This applies regardless of the number of 
>> assignment elements within the overall assignment activity."
>> I had been interpreting the previous such that atomic implied 
>> serializable but that need not necessarily be the case.
>> My own belief is that if assign's aren't inherently serializable then 
>> programmers will kill themselves using BPEL. It is simply asking way 
>> too much of programmers to make them understand that if they are 
>> manipulating the same variable in two parallel flows that they can 
>> run into problems like the one Danny's describes.
>> In any case, I think this deserves its own issue so I just filed one.
>>     Yaron


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