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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 150 - Proposal For Vote

Kind Regards

             "Yaron Y. Goland"                                             
             13.01.2005 17:51          wsbpeltc                            
             Please respond to                                             
                  ygoland                                          Subject 
                                       [wsbpel] Issue 150 - Proposal For   

Issue 150 - Message variables on invoke and reply

Proposal: Support optional variable attributes on message activities in
executable processes to support WSDL message definitions with no parts.

Rationale: It is legal in WSDL to have messages with no parts. These are
'ping' messages. In order to support these I specify language below that
makes variable attributes on message operations optional in executable
processes if the message definition has no parts. I specify 'SHOULD NOT'
in the language below because one can imagine extensions to BPEL that
will allow message variables to record data beyond just the message
contents so there may be reasons why someone would still want to submit
a variable even though it has no parts.

Changes Required:

Section 11.3

After the following two sentences: An asynchronous invocation requires
only the input variable of the operation because it does not expect a
response as part of the operation (see Providing Web Service
Operations). A synchronous invocation requires both an input variable
and an output variable.

Add this text: Note however that if a WSDL message definition does not
contain any parts then the associated variable attribute, inputVariable
or outputVariable, SHOULD NOT be specified.

Section 11.4

After the following sentence: However, this attribute is syntactically
optional since it is absolutely required only in executable processes.

Add this text: Note however that if a WSDL message definition does not
contain any parts then the variable attribute SHOULD NOT be specified.

NOTE: The previous needs to be applied twice to section 11.4 since the
sentence that is being appended to appears twice.

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