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Subject: Re: Fw: [wsbpel] Issue - 92 - Proposal for vote



Dieter Koenig1 wrote:

>   (a) changed true|false to yes|no
>   (b) clarified that ALL extensions must be declared
>Kind Regards
>Proposed resolution for Issue 92:
>A new subelement of the process root element is used to declare extensions
>used in the process and specify whether they must be understood by the
>BPEL runtime.
>This declaration provides information needed by the process deployer in
>order to decide whether a BPEL process containing language extensibility
>elements can be executed by the runtime.
>Add text to section 6.2. The Structure of a Business Process
>   <process ...>
>      ...
>      <extensions>?
>         <extension namespace="anyURI" mustUnderstand="yes|no"/>+
>      </extensions>
>      ...
>   </process>
>Add text to section 6.3. Language Extensibility
>   The "extensions" subelement of the process is used to declare the
>   namespaces of ALL BPEL extension attributes/elements and indicate
>   whether they carry runtime semantics that must be understood by
>   the BPEL runtime. If this criteria is not met, then the BPEL
>   implementation MUST reject the process.
>   If the runtime does not support one or more of the extensions with
>   mustUnderstand="true", then the process MUST NOT be deployed.
>   Extensions declared with mustUnderstand="false" MAY be ignored by the
>   runtime.
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