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Subject: Opinions on new functions: GetLinkDataStatus

Hello Colleagues:

Before I try tabling this as a proposal, here goes...

Currently the getLinkStatus() returns a boolean. I would like
to propose that the TC add two new functions:

setLinkStatusData(linkName) and getLinkStatusData(linkName)

setLinkStatusData would allow a source of a link to assign to
a link, data as well as a transition condition.

<link> would also take an optional "type" attribute....

getLinkStatusData would allow the target to retrieve the

I believe these functions would provide programmers a
means to convey information other than using introducing
shared variables. I also these additions would make it easier
to introduce functions/modules into the language that can "return"
values similar to that in an imperative or functional language
(although message passing would be a more appropo metaphor). I think
this approach will also be useful when we come to an agreement
on dynamically creating activities (as per issue 147) and
sub-fuctions (issue 2).

To accommodate activities in a sequence, perhaps we can
assume or introduce the notion of an implicit link that is
always set to True but can carry data.

Thank you,
Andrew Francis

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