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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 202 - Use of 'Rendezvous' term is illegal


    I too like join; it is brief, and accurate enough, quicker to type 
than rendezvous, and friendlier for

    A brief search of the US Patent & Trademark Office database reveals 
289 uses of the word "join" in trademarked materials. My favourite is 
"got join?", but I must point out the the word "join", all by itself is 
trademarked in the US by Sanitari Pozzi S.p.A. Corp., of Milan, Italy.

    If we are to consistently apply our principle of "risk avoidance" in 
this realm, we must reject "join".

    More seriously, this tidbit serves to make Yaron's argument: 
avoiding perfectly useful words in English (or French) because of 
unproven risks is rather silly; we will be paralysed. We should be 
bolder that that! Why don't we ask Tibco if it is okay to simply put a 
disclaimer in the front matter of the BPEL spec, stating that BPEL is 
not to be confused with Tibco's Rendezvous, or the Buick Rendezvous for 
that matter?


Alex Yiu wrote:

> +1 to Assaf and Martin.
> When a "join"-style CS in a <receive> is used, it basically means the 
> <receive> message activity joins a "meeting", "conversation" or 
> "rendezvous point".
> (Of course, we are now trying to avoid using "rendezvous" term 
> directly in our BPEL language.)
> Regards,
> Alex Yiu
> Assaf Arkin wrote:
>> I like Martin's proposal for 'join'.
>> Assaf
>> Ron Ten-Hove wrote:
>>> According to thesaurus.com, the following are synonyms for 
>>> rendezvous as a noun:
>>>     affair, appointment, assignation, blind date, date, double date,
>>>     engagement, gig, heavy date, matinee, meet, meeting, nooner,
>>>     quickie, tryst
>>> and as a verb:
>>>     assemble, be closeted, be reunited, collect, come together,
>>>     congregate, congress, converge, forgather, gather, get together,
>>>     join up, meet privately, muster, raise, rally
>>> -Ron
>>> ws-bpel issues list editor wrote:
>>>> This issue has been added to the wsbpel issue list with a status of 
>>>> "received". The status will be changed to "open" if the TC accepts 
>>>> it as identifying a bug in the spec or decides it should be 
>>>> accepted specially. Otherwise it will be closed without further 
>>>> consideration (but will be marked as "Revisitable")
>>>> The issues list is posted as a Technical Committee document to the 
>>>> OASIS WSBPEL TC pages 
>>>> <http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel> on a regular 
>>>> basis. The current edition, as a TC document, is the most recent 
>>>> version of the document entitled in the "Issues" folder of the 
>>>> WSBPEL TC document list 
>>>> <http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel/documents.php> 
>>>> - the next posting as a TC document will include this issue. The 
>>>> list editor's working copy, which will normally include an issue 
>>>> when it is announced, is available at this constant URL 
>>>> <http://www.choreology.com/external/WS_BPEL_issues_list.html>.
>>>>     Issue - 202 - Use of 'Rendezvous' term is illegal
>>>> *Status:* received
>>>> *Date added:* 12 Apr 2005
>>>> *Categories:* Specification editing <#category_specification_editing>
>>>> *Date submitted:* 08 April 2005
>>>> *Submitter:* Danny van der Rijn <mailto:dannyv@tibco.com>
>>>> *Description:* As I previously pointed out, the use of the term 
>>>> "rendezvous" as an initiate attribute on a correlation set 
>>>> infringes on TIBCO's trademark. The term must be changed
>>>> *Changes:* 12 Apr 2005 - new issue
>>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
>>>> To comment on this issue (including whether it should be accepted), 
>>>> please follow-up to this announcement on the 
>>>> wsbpel@lists.oasis-open.org list (replying to this message should 
>>>> automatically send your message to that list), or ensure the 
>>>> subject line as you send it *starts* "Issue - 202 - [anything]" or 
>>>> is a reply to such a message. If you want to formally propose a 
>>>> resolution to an open issue, please start the subject line "Issue - 
>>>> 202 - Proposed resolution", without any Re: or similar.
>>>> To add a new issue, see the issues procedures document (but the 
>>>> address for new issue submission is the sender of this announcement).
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