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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Profiles Re: [wsbpel] Issue 99 - Updated proposal forvote

Hi guys,

For 82, the idea we had agreed upon was to grandfather the existing 
AP1.1 by making it into a profile. A big part of that agreement was 
because we already have most of the work done and there is a continuity 
argument we are going on. Clearly, we'll have to do the completions 
section from scratch since this concept is new (and update the wording, 

Any requested changes or bugs can be addressed and voted on for that 
particular profile as specific changes to the what was in  the 
capabilities of AP1.1 - with the new lingo of what that means being 
"what's the subset of opacity from the base"  and "what's the subset of 
exec BPEL that it allows". Changes we've seen folks talking about lately 
include whether or not to have 'exit', whether or not we want to include 
the new version of getVariableData in addition to getPropertyValue, etc 
... .  Some have had more concensus on that others.

We're definitely not going back to the drawing board with AP1.1, but we 
should have a proper way to propose and vote on concrete, manageable, 
stepwise changes.  Otherwise, we will never finish and it will be 
against the spirit of our negotiations and agreements on 82.

I would please ask people to wait a little while till I post the summary 
of the AP1.1 concepts in the new lingo under the placeholder issue for 
it, and we can take it from there. I've been travelling like mad lately 
and have just settled back into a period where I don't see a flight in 
my near future ;) so this won't be long in coming.


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