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Subject: Issue - 285 - General form of opaque <from> clashes with opaque expression in <from>

This issue has been added to the wsbpel issue list with a status of "received". The status will be changed to "open" if a motion to open the issue is proposed and that motion is approved by the TC. A motion could also be proposed to close it without further consideration. Otherwise it will remain as "received".

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Issue - 285 - General form of opaque <from> clashes with opaque expression in <from>

Status: received
Date added: 7 May 2006
Date submitted: 07 May 2006
Submitter: Rania Khalaf
Description: The problem is the following :

We have now two kinds of opaque <from>:

- <from expressionLanguage=...? opaque="yes"/>

This respresents an opaque expression form of from : <from>my favorite expression here</from> and not any of the other forms

- <from opaque="yes"/>

This represents any of the forms of the from spec (partnerlink, var, part, etc).

The problem is that in the AP one cannot tell which is which because the expressionLanguage attribute is optional.

In the San Jose F2F, we added this as its own special form called opaque from spec. So now we have opaque attributes, expressions, activities and from spec.

We need a syntax for it and to make sure that there is nothing else that gets broken if we change it . In line 5698 we have a stub for an "Opaque from-spec subsection"
Submitter's proposal: Use <opaqueFrom> to represent the general form of from and get rid of the confusion. This would cause the following changes in the spec text (based on the latest doc updated by Alex on Friday 5/5/06):

(1)Make the body of that section :

Opaque from-spec

A special case for generic opaque assignment is allowed. It represents hiding any of the forms of the 'from-spec' (see section 8.4. Assignment). The new opaqueFrom construct is used for this:


(2)In the section titled Omission, add 'and from-specs as shown below:

To enforce this requirement, omittable tokens are restricted to all attributes, activities, expressions, and from-specs

(3) In the list of restrictions (line 5895) of the Observable Behavior Profile, add this bullet:

Opaque from spec is allowed.

(4) Add 'and from-spec' to the first bullet of section 13.4.3:

Explicit opaque tokens opaque activity, opaque attributes, opaque expression, and opaque from-spec -

Changes: 7 May 2006 - new issue

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