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Subject: [wsbpel] Issue 274 Proposal to Vote

Title: [wsbpel] Issue 274 Proposal to Vote

In dealing with an orphaned IMA within a compensation handler, it seems to me that there are two possible resolutions. Either the compensation handler detects the orphaned IMA's and faults or the detection of orphaned IMA's is deferred to the fault handler or termination handler that invoked the compensation handler. I am in favor of the latter since it allows compensation to continue even with orphaned IMA's. There is very little that can be done with these orphaned IMA's so we may as well allow the compensation logic to proceed as best it can and defer its fault to

I have reworded my original proposal to avoid introducing any new terms as per Danny's suggestion. The approach is still the same in that the detection of an orphaned IMA is NOT made by the compensationHandler.

Add a fifth bullet to Section 12.2 which reads as follows:

No checks for orphaned IMA's are made when a compensation handler completes. The compensation handler's execution must necessarily start from within a fault or termination handler so any orphaned IMA's created by a compensation handler will be detected and handled as described in the above bullets.

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