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Subject: RE: [wsdm] OASIS WSDM [OMod] call

Title: OASIS WSDM [OMod] call

Agenda for [OMod] call tomorrow.
A. Review attached UML diagram intended for MOWS spec overview section. Attached. This was a product of our discussion during the [OMod] ad-hoc meeting on Wed after the F2F. Me, Mark, Fred and Zulah were present.
B. Find volunteers for the following (coming from the discussion about the diagram in A.)
1. Text in the overview of the MOWS spec must elaborate on the manageability at the service level. Essentially "how to use manageabilty of endpoints to infer (aggregate) manageability of a service".

2. The diagram will show a shade on the nexus points of MUWS and MOWS (manageable resource and manageable endpoint respectively). Only nexus points will be singled out on this diagram. There will be abother diagram that shows relationships of MUWS and MOWS concepts (possibly aggregation/composition of manageability capabilities).

3. There is a need for another diagram to display the "locus of implementation" concepts.

C. Discuss the UML framework in which to express manageability capabilities following the MOWS contents outline discussed during the F2F.

-- Igor Sedukhin .. (igor.sedukhin@ca.com)
-- (631) 342-4325 .. 1 CA Plaza, Islandia, NY 11788


From: Sedukhin, Igor S
Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2003 9:01 PM
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Subject: [wsdm] OASIS WSDM [OMod] call

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-- Igor Sedukhin .. (igor.sedukhin@ca.com)
-- (631) 342-4325 .. 1 CA Plaza, Islandia, NY 11788

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