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Subject: [wsdm] [UArch] Agenda

Here is a proposed agenda for today's meeting. I propose that we spend our
45 mins harmonizing over our goals, the content of our document and its
connection to the W3C WSA architecture.

1. Roll
2. Scribe
3. Review of goals and discussion of how we will make progress

Architecture - extensive in separate doc; brief in this doc; manager
motivation, expose manageability interface about resource
*	Conceptual model - picture
*	Logical model
-	Role & Artifacts definition
*	Responsibilities
*	Capabilities
-	Interaction patterns
-	Manageability Info meta model
-	Distribution arch

4. Review current state of WSA 
5. Discussion of how our architecture document will relate to the WSA
6. Create list of goods for architecture (e.g., document outline) 


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