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Subject: [wsdm][terms] First pass of the terminology document is attached

Title: Message
This is for review at the F2F tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I cannot attend in person due to overlapping meetings in San Jose at this time. Karl Schopmeyer graciously offered to run my portion of the agenda and collect comments, suggestions, etc. 
I tried to take the terms that we debated early on (in the requirements discussions) and define them succinctly (and non-circularly).  Also, I have reviewed the "Resource Management on Grids" document from the GGF's CMM WG (authored by Fred Maciel) and found that there are some differences in terms, but no major disconnects.  (I would appreciate hearing if others disagree with this.)  I think that we have some work to do to align terms, but this seems do-able.
So, next steps are:
1. Determine if the format of the document is sufficient for the task
2. Determine what terms are missing or what terms should not be in the document
3. Review the existing definitions and make form or semantic suggestions 


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