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Subject: [wsia] Folks interested in WSIA presentations

Sean, Bob, Peter, Royston, John -- thanks for your interest in pulling a
presentation together on WSIA for upcoming conferences...here's the
schedule we have for accepted abstracts so far:

1.  OMG workshop on "Web Services: From Technology to Reality", we're
scheduled to speak for 20 minutes, on Thursday, March 7, from 1315 - 1445.
Sean Fitts has volunteered to give this talk since he's already speaking
there on another topic.

2. XML/Web Services London:  Overview of the  new OASIS Standards Activity
on Web Services for Interactive  Applications - Tuesday 12March
from 17.00-18.30.  This is a 90 minute talk (normal session length!)...my
name is currently attached, but Royston has indicated he may be available
given he's already on that side of the pond.  Given the length, I would
suggest we combine some discussion of the WRSP activitity here as well.

3. NEXTWARE Spring 2002 Conference program! NEXTWARE Spring 2002 will take
place on May 20-23, 2002 at the Baltimore Convention Center.  Our session
OASIS Standards on Web Services for Interactive Applications will be on the
Integration (eBusiness, Portals, Applied XML) track.  I think speaker
substitution is not allowed for this conference, so I'm on the hook for
doing this one.

The abstract that has been submitted, and accepted, for all of these talks
is basically the one below:

OASIS Standards on Web Services for Interactive Applications
OASIS, the XML interoperability consortium, recently announced its members
have formed the OASIS Web Services Component Model (WSCM) Technical
Committee to create a Web services standard for interactive application
access. WSCM will provide a coordinated set of XML vocabularies and Web
services interfaces that allow companies to deliver Web applications to end
users through a variety of channels--directly to a browser, indirectly
through a portal or embedded into a third party Web application.

This session will introduce the new OASIS standards activity by outlining
how it applies web services to the end-user interface, illustrating example
application scenarios that could make use of the standard, and presenting
the specific interfaces under consideration by the technical committee.

For the OMG and XML/Web Services London conferences, our presentation
materials need to be submitted to the conference web site in 2 weeks, on
Feb 4.  I suggest that I pull together a proposed draft, and that we meet
Thursday to discuss and revise.  Please let me know if Thursday from 12-1
Eastern does not work for you.  I'll forward call-in numbers later on.


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