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Subject: [wsia] RE: [wscm] [wsia-glossary] Proposed process for glossaryediting, etc.

Works for me Jeff, though I suspect that just
[wsia-glossary] someTerm
[wsia-glossary] someTerm : added to glossary

would be sufficient (ie drop the initial submission), since most of the
traffic would be automatically "RE: [wsia-glossary] someTerm" (like the
subject line on this email). I'm easy though.

:-) gr

>  -----Original Message-----
> From: 	Jeffery C. Broberg [mailto:jbroberg@silverstream.com] 
> Sent:	Monday, January 21, 2002 11:33 AM
> To:	WSIA
> Subject:	[wscm] [wsia-glossary] Proposed process for glossary
> editing, etc.
> Here is a first stab at a minimal process for editing control over the
> glossary.  First how about always using [wsia-glossary] in the subject
> title when we are discussing terms to be included in the glossary.  If you
> would like to submit a term for inclusion in the glossary use a subject
> title similiar to :
> [wsia-glossary] someTerm : initial submission
> subsequent discussions regarding this term would be 
> [wsia-glossary] someTerm : bla bla bal
> after we have come to agreement, and the term is added to the glossary, I
> will respond with
> [wsia-glossary] someTerm : added to glossary.
> Jeffrey C. Broberg
> VP, R&D eBusiness Solutions
> SilverStream Software, Inc.
> 508.771.1171
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> improved customer loyalty!
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