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Subject: [wsia] Update and request for help on use cases

Folks -- Attached are updated copies of the presentation reviewed during
last Friday's call outlining the current WSIA use cases, along with initial
drafts of the use case in each category.  Changes are as follows:

1. The Aggregated case has been renamed to Embedded to better reflect the
intent of wrapping a web application in a simple services invocation
interface -- with no additional properties or operations exposed to support

2. The Customized and Integrated use cases have been combined into a single
Customized category for simplicity.  This use case must treat customization
both of the output generation process (on the way toward the user, through
the consumer), and of the interaction handling process (on the way from the
user toward the Producer, again through the consumer).  Both
output-oriented (adaptation) and services-invocation (properties and
operations) approaches will be considered for customization.

The cases will be revised and extended between now and our next call on
Friday, 3/15, as follows:

Embedded (Rich Thompson, Graeme Riddell)

Customized (Eilon Reshef, Ravi Konuru, Charlie Wiecha)

Coordinated (Charlie Wiecha, Monica Martin)

Orchestrated (Ravi Konuru, Alan Kropp)

Republished (Alan Kropp, Rex Bourne)

We anticipate going through the following work items during the next 10
days or so:

1. Reviewing and revising the set of activity flows identified in each use
case document.  These are given in sections 3.1 and 3.2 of each use case.

2. Identifying the relevant details in each of the scenarios which support
the particular alternative flows (or more correctly subflows) in sections
3.1 and 3.2.

3. Writing in outline form the specific interaction between Producer,
Consumer, and End-user which takes place in each individual flow or

It would be very useful for each author of a scenario to assist in this
process by forwarding suggestions for how their material supports each use
case, i.e. fill in point (2) above for your scenario for each relevant use
case, and send to the editors of the appropriate document(s).  The subflows
are a bit more complete for the Customized case than the others at this
point so you might start there, but updated drafts of the others will
appear on the email list as well.

As always, anyone wanting to volunteer to help edit these or other use
cases is welcome to do so...please send Charlie email!

Thanks...Dan Gisolfi, Graeme Riddell, Alan Kropp, Eilon Reshef, Gil Tayar,
Rex Bourne,  Ravi Konuru, Keven Brinkley, Aditi Karandikar,  Monica Martin,
Rich Thompson, Charlie Wiecha

(See attached file: WSIA use case categories.pdf)(See attached file: WSIA
Embedded Use Case.pdf)(See attached file: WSIA Customized Use Case.pdf)(See
attached file: WSIA Coordinated Use Case.pdf)(See attached file: WSIA
Orchestrated Use Case.pdf)

WSIA use case categories.pdf

WSIA Embedded Use Case.pdf

WSIA Customized Use Case.pdf

WSIA Coordinated Use Case.pdf

WSIA Orchestrated Use Case.pdf

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