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Subject: Re: WSIA 5/21/2002: [wsia][wsia-requirements][R905 and 601]

Not sure that I parsed your notes correctly, but I see the phrase
"Consumer with multiple Producers?  Need justification."  Doesn't
the simple portal scenario provide this?  If not, the "SmartBuyer"
scenario certainly does.

Suggested rewording:

Consumer's MUST be able to construct documents containing multiple
Presentation Fragments from one or more Producers.  The specification
MAY place restrictions on the supported markup types or Presentation

I don't think we need to say any more than this.  Other requirements
about the division of labor between Consumer and Producer will guide
the specific mechanisms provided to support this requirement.


At 05:43 PM 5/21/2002 -0700, Monica Martin wrote:
>Several ideas:
>Composition of presentation fragments onto a page
>Composition of different presentation fragments onto a page
>Composition of different presentation fragments generated by a producer
>(May be the same as above)
>Restrictiions on presentation fragments (or markup types)
>Guarantee uniqueness of tokens in a single document defined by the
>presentation format
>E905 and E601
>Notes: [mm1: Namespace entity rewriting Javascript; Consumer with
>multiple Producers? Need justification. Include with presentation
>fragments (Consumer passes Producer a key).]
>Suggested text:
>Different Presentation Fragments SHOULD be capable of being combined in
>a single document. Restructions MAY be specified on markup types or
>Presentation Fragments.  In particular, if a presentation format (such
>as HTML) mandate uniqueness of tokens in a single document, a page
>SHOULD be composed in a way that guarantees uniqueness. In particular,
>Presentation Fragments generated by the same Producer SHOULD be capable
>of being composed.
>Comments and arrows welcome.
>Monica J. Martin
>Program Manager
>Drake Certivo, Inc.
>         -----Original Message-----
>         From: Rich Thompson
>         Sent: Fri 5/17/2002 1:33 PM
>         To: wsia@lists.oasis-open.org
>         Cc:
>         Subject: [wsia][wsia-requirements][R130]
>         Here are the modified requiremetns documents ... the 'a' version
>is prior
>         to accepting changes and rearranging the requirements by
>         categories. In addition to those changes, the 'b' version has
>         capitalization of words like 'MUST' and Consumer. I also noted
>         implemented the global change of 'property' to 'context data'.
>         (See attached file: WSIA reqs 2002-05-17a.doc)(See attached
>file: WSIA reqs
>         2002-05-17b.doc)
>         Requirements still needing attention include:
>               R201
>               R203
>               R130
>               Overlap between R601 & E905
>               Overlap between R702 & E904
>               Monica's recent email:
>                  WSIA Web Services SHOULD provide the capability for
>                  Presentation
>                  Fragments, returned by the Producer, can be requested
>and relayed
>                  through the Consumer.
>                  WSIA Web Service SHOULD provide the capability for
>                  Fragments to reference end-user requests for external
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