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Subject: [wsia] 07-12-02 Minutes for Website

OASIS Web Services for Interactive Applications

Technical Committee

12 April 2002

teleconference 12:00-1:00 pm EST



William Cox	BEA	No

Graeme Riddell	Bowstreet

Greg Giles Cisco

Srinivas Vadhri	Commerce One

Kirk Wilson	Computer Associates		No

Sean Fitts		Crossweave

Timothy N. Jones	Crossweave

Peter Quintas	Divine	No

Robert Serr	Divine	No

Sandra Swearingen	DoD	No

Monica Martin	Drake Certivo

Alan Kropp	Epicentric

Patel Ashish	France Telecom	No

Aditi Karandikar	France Telecom

Royston Sellman	HP

Dan Bongard	Kinzan	No

Charles Wiecha	IBM (chair)

Dan Gisolfi	IBM	No

Ravi Konuru	IBM

Rich Thompson	IBM

Shankar Ramaswamy	IBM

T.V. Raman	IBM	No

Rex Brooks	individual

John Kneiling	individual	No

Kevin Brinkley	Intel

Michael Mahan	Nokia	`No

Terry Cline	Peregrine Systems

Sasha Aicken	Plumtree

Stefan Beck	SAP	No

Jeffrey C. Broberg	Silverstream	No

Suresh Damodaran	Sterling Commerce	No

Eilon Reshef	WebCollage	No

Gil Tayar		WebCollage


1.	Roll call and minutes

2.	Review of agenda for next week's Face to Face

3.	Overview of Customized Use Case and Requirements. Detailed
Review will take place at F2F.

4.	Status update on Embedded Use Case.

5.	Status update on collaboration with WSRP TC.

6.	Status of liaison relationships with W3C.


12:00	roll call

12:05	review of minutes and actions from last meeting.

Minutes approved. Actions all set.

12:05	Review of agenda for next week’s F2F

Reviewed Agenda. Eilon will pull together requirements doc from
section 7 of the Embedded Case + those from Customized. We’ll review
requirements and edit them real time during the F2F, and then do the
same for the Customized.

action:	Rich Thompson  circulate latest WSXL doc (it’s been updated
to reflect latest ideas in Embedded and Customized).

Maybe pull the ADL topic back from Friday into the Customized
discussion as that’s where it is particularly relevant.

action: anyone planning to attend remotely  let Charlie know so he
can plan/add to capacity.

12:20	Status of Customized - Ravi

In subcommittee there was some discussion of what it means to
Customize, and whether that meant the Provider should do everything
or the Consumer should be able to make modifications. Decided not to
try to solve the implementation now but to surface the scenarios in
the Use Case. ie, describe the kinds of customization instead of
deciding where they are performed.

So Customized and Integrated docs have merged together, it exposes
application-specific properties with some description of how they can
be modified. Also describes how the Consumer can intercept, view and
modify the datastream between the Producer and end user. Have added
notion of Producer specifying what things are allowed to be

In 2.2.6 have drilled down on the elements being modified to break
out the kinds of Customizations. There are 3 types (Presentation,
Data, Control) and 2 places (Producer and Consumer) so we’ll discuss
at the F2F whether that 3x2 discussion of customization makes sense.

Q: Is there an Event discussion?

A: No, just actions. It’s an extension of the actions in the Embedded Case.

12:40	Status of Embedded  Rich, Alan

Flushing out section 7 and adding pointers to Eilon’s requirements
doc. There’s a WSRP/WSIA joint interfaces telecon at 11 EST on Monday
to review the requirements and make sure they sync with what WSRP is

Q: Should WSRP-related requirements take priority now?

A: Probably, in order to hit the draft spec goal in July, but we
shouldn’t let it stop us going in a direction if we feel that’s what
we need to do.

12:40	WSRP Collaboration - Alan

Getting into rich discussions in Protocols & Interfaces, trying to
pull that into the Embedded Case without allowing it to get too
portlet specific. Haven’t seen anything yet that is divergent from
what we’re doing.

Initial feeling was that it might make the Embedded Case too complex.
WSRP is probably bigger than Embedded and overlaps Customized. We
should probably discuss this next week.

Alan is leading the liaison with WSRP and understanding this commonality.

June 24-27 will be the back-to-back WSRP and WSIA at Oracle’s
facilities in San Francisco.

12:45	W3C relationships

Karl asked Charlie to liaise with the W3C Web Services Working Group.
There will be someone from WSRP nominated too. Will probably be
looking for more liaisons (eg, XForms?) and looking for volunteers
for that. Can raise this at the F2F.

12:50	adjourn.


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