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Subject: Re: [wsia] Agenda for Thursday Aug 1, 12PM EST call (NOTE DAY CHANGE),Meeting Summary

We walked through the customization draft spec attached below. Here is a little background for people who could not make it. The draft is still very bare wrt explanation.

The draft focuses on the property description and how these properties are exchanged and manipulated at runtime. The goal is that these concepts and api associated can be accomodated in the joint interface specification either directly or as a simple extension there of.

For the 1.0 specification, the customization requirements are to essentially provide initial and incremental customization of the data models exported by a producer. These models can contain business oriented data or presentation oriented control data (e.g backgroundColor).

So the markup proposal outline in this draft, instead of re-inventing new notation and semantics for producer exported models, adopts a simple subset of the *model* specification in XForms. For instance, the proposal does not include the binding constraints of xforms. Thus a property description is essentially a set of one or more model definitions exposed by an end-point. The markup examples show different options for
- describing properties (single-level, structured, single model, multiple models)
- providing property values (single-level, structured, single model, multiple models)
- addressing them in set/getproperties (single-level, structured, single model, multiple models)

The idea is that as we move towards support cooperative/coordinated WSRP/WSIA, this description can be extended to have richer vocabulary.

The group agreed and recommended that specification explicitly state the use of a subset of xforms for describing models.

The next step is to refine the spec in more detail and apply it to the WSIA customization scenarios and WSRP scenarios where applicable.

what do yo think?

(See attached file: wd-wsia-cust-00.doc)

Ravi Konuru
eBusiness Tools and Frameworks, IBM Research
office: 914-784-7180, tieline 8-863-7180; fax -3804

Attachment: wd-wsia-cust-00.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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