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Subject: Closure of the WSIA TC

Upon resolution of the WSIA TC membership that their work has completed,
(see http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsia/200307/maillist.html for
voting, and the summary at
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/wsia/200310/msg00000.html) the
OASIS WSIA TC is closed.

At the time of the closing of the TC, the following persons were on the
TC membership roster:

Charles Wiecha, IBM, TC Chair

William Cox, BEA Systems, Inc., Member
Dan Gisolfi, IBM, Member
R Konuru, IBM, Member
Bruce Lucas, IBM, Member
Rex Brooks, Individual, Member
Eric van Lydegraf, Kinzan, Member
Aickin Sasha, Plumtree Software, Member
Monica Martin, Sun Microsystems, Member
Alan Kropp, Vignette Corporation, Member
Eilon Reshef, Webcollage, Member
Gil Tayar, Webcollage, Member

Stephen Drye, ATG, Observer
William Koenig, Bank of America, Observer
Adrian Fletcher, BEA Systems, Inc., Observer
Per Vorm, BEA Systems, Inc., Observer
Hartmut Liefke, BMW, AG Observer
B Pearson, Bowstreet, Observer
Graeme Riddell, Bowstreet, Observer
Greg Giles, Cisco Systems, Observer
Zahid Ahmed, CommerceOne, Observer
David Burdett, CommerceOne, Observer
Srinivas Vadhri, CommerceOne, Observer
Bergstrom, Computer Associates, Observer
David Leslie, Computer Associates, Observer
Eric Reed, Computer Associates, Observer
Robert Roussell, Computer Associates, Observer
Gavenraj Sodhi, Computer Associates, Observer
Davanum Srinivas, Computer Associates, Observer
Vladimir Vukojevic, Computer Associates, Observer
yanxi02, Computer Associates, Observer
Brad Gandee, ContentGuard, Observer
M Ham, ContentGuard, Observer
Stephen K, Corel Corporation, Observer
Dale Moberg, Cyclone Commerce, Observer
Ian Caiozzi, Divine, Observer
Buck Flannigan, Divine, Observer
Peter Quintas, Divine, Observer
Michael Donovan, EDS, Observer
Bart Leeten, EDS, Observer
kris meukens, EDS, Observer
aditi karandikar, France Telecom, Observer
Ashish Patel, France Telecom, Observer
Jacques Durand, Fujitsu, Observer
Kazunori Iwasa, Fujitsu, Observer
Madoka Mitsuoka, Fujitsu, Observer
Takao Mohri, Fujitsu, Observer
ushijima satoru, Fujitsu, Observer
tooru tooru, Fujitsu, Observer
Masanobu Yuhara, Fujitsu, Observer
takada yuji, Fujitsu, Observer
Fred Orensky, GlaxoSmithKline, Observer
raj kumar, Hewlett-Packard, Observer
Gerry Winsor, Hewlett-Packard, Observer
bjwi bjwi, IBM, Observer
Angel Diaz, IBM, Observer
Richard Jacob, IBM, Observer
Carsten Leue, IBM, Observer
Julie MacNaught, IBM, Observer
Roland Merrick, IBM, Observer
J Posner, IBM, Observer
Raj Puroh, IBM, Observer
T Raman, IBM, Observer
G Ramesh, IBM, Observer
Mark Schultz, IBM, Observer
shankar4 shankar4, IBM, Observer
Rich Thompson, IBM, Observer
Stephen White, IBM, Observer
yuriko yuriko, IBM, Observer
Zachary Alexander, Individual, Observer
Laurence Cable, Individual, Observer
Alex Ceponkus, Individual, Observer
bill Chessman, Individual, Observer
Mark Klamerus, Individual, Observer
Sean Mickey, Individual, Observer
Kai Richter, Individual, Observer
Anders Rundgren, Individual, Observer
Pina Hirano, Infoteria, Observer
sory diallo, iWay Software, Observer
dbongard, Kinzan, Observer
P Walani, Kinzan, Observer
G Wong, Kinzan, Observer
hank simon, Lockheed Martin, Observer
Mark Nobles, Logistics Management Institute, Observer
Christopher Kurt, Microsoft, Corporation Observer
Palas Petr, Moravia IT, Observer
Christopher Casgar, Nervewire, Observer
S Gossain, Nervewire, Observer
Christian Kaiser, Netscape/AOL, Observer
Denise Draper, Nimble Technology, Observer
Michael Mahan, Nokia, Observer
Olin Atkinson, Novell, Observer
Jeffrey Broberg, Novell, Observer
Yuji Furusawa, NTT USA, Observer
Robin Cover, OASIS, Observer
Michael Freedman, Oracle, Observer
kenneth macpherson, Oracle, Observer
david ward, Oracle, Observer
Bill Parducci, Overxeer, Observer
michael young, Plumtree Software, Observer
stefan beck, SAP, Observer
Amir Blich, SAP, Observer
tim granshaw, SAP, Observer
Yossi Tamari, SAP, Observer
Alan Davies, SeeBeyond Technology Corporation, Observer
Brian Dirking, Stellent, Observer
Suresh Damodaran, Sterling Commerce, Observer
joel gerber, Sterling Commerce, Observer
Patrick Chanezon, Sun Microsystems, Observer
kevin chiu, Sun Microsystems, Observer
Robert Breton, Sybase, Observer
hhsi hhsi, Sybase, Observer
meng-chun lin, US Department of Justice EOUSA, Observer
Joseph Rudnicki, US Dept of the Navy, Observer
Engkee Kwang, Vitria, Observer
dorin miller, Webcollage, Observer


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648
karl.best@oasis-open.org      http://www.oasis-open.org

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