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Subject: Scope of the Web Services quality

Two definition of WS Quality related terms and scopes of Web Services Quality
1. Web Services Quality :  A set of non-fun ctional attributes that may impact the quality of the service offered by a WebService
2. Quality Enabled Web Services : Web Services which provide infomation on Quality and gaurantee it.
3. Scope of Web Services Quality : Non-Functional Information(feature) which can be refered through quality envolved(enabled) web services life cycle.
4. Quality envolved(enabled) web services life cycle :
    Planning, Development, Deployment, Discovery, Use, Manage etc
    (It should be more developed)
Actually, more word smithing is needed.  
I'll try to list quality related terms or concept before our next TC meeting.
If you have any comments or ideas, please let me know.
Eunju Kim
   Eunju Kim, Ph. D.
   Department of IT Standardization
   National Computerization Agency 
   Chair - OASIS Web Services Quality Model Technical Committee
   Tel: +82-2-2131-0447

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