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Subject: RE: [wsrm-interop] telecon today

Title: RE: [wsrm-interop] telecon today

Sumit and all:

- So far only NEC and Fujitsu on the call last Friday (Hitachi folks were on their way
to the airport...). Discussion revolved around the white paper Alan is drafting.
(hence the blurb I sent out last week about business benefits)
- the interop tests went quite well for NEC and Hitachi: their V0.52 RMP
 interoperated successfully on the 3 RM scenarios, using the NTM (network trouble maker)
of Hamid.
- Fujitsu was not at this point yet, but tests resumed today with NEC and good
progress was made, will do everything it takes to complete the 3 scenarios before
- Alan pointed out that it would be good to show a failure case: e.g. guaranteed
delivery could not actually deliver (network broken), but the sender app was notified.
Will do if we have time...
- Given the demo is Tuesday 9, and that Monday should be spent on polishing
the demo choreography and scenario (and to do late adjustments after we
figure where Oracle and Sun fit in, which I believe we will really know
only a few days before), it is highly desirable that Saturday-Sunday be spent
in interop tests between Oracle / Sun / Fujitsu. (check with your manager if you
can compensate this extra work later...)
- We thought with Nishiyama (Hitachi) that the demo choreography could be organized
around two relatively independent clusters:
(1) NEC-Hitachi-Fujitsu, showing two or three interop legs,
(2) Oracle-[Sun and/or Fujitsu],  showing one or two interop legs.
So we don't need to exercise a full interop matrix.



-----Original Message-----
From: Sumit Gupta [mailto:sumit.gupta@oracle.com]
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 4:44 AM
To: Jacques Durand
Cc: 'wsrm-interop@lists.oasis-open.org'; Web Services Reliability Group
Subject: Re: [wsrm-interop] telecon today


I was unable to attend the call as I saw the email notification only
after it was probably over. Can someone post a summary of the status of
the interop tests that took place last week.


Jacques Durand wrote:

> All:
> We thought an informal call today would be useful to discuss:
> - status of interop tests this week
> - logistics of demo and demo prep at Philadelphia
> Time: Friday 21, 11am PT
> Host: Fujitsu
> Toll - :  1-512-225-3050
> Participant code: 89772
> (note the call is not toll free)
> (CCed also to our previous list, as not all have subscribe to new
> interop mail list it seems)
> Regards,
> Jacques

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