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Subject: Thoughts on WS-RM configuration parameters


Even though we agree that SLA/ configuration management protocol and mechanisms are outside scope of WS-RM TC, I believe we should atleast list the parameters in an Appendix of our spec, along with suggested default values (we might even chose to recommend ranges of values for the parameters)

Here is a preliminary list of Configuration parameters that the WS-RM sender and receiver should agree on prior to SOAP message exchange:

+ Maximum message lifetime/duration  (determines upper bound on message expiration time)

+ Maximum message group (or message sequence) lifetime

+ Resend interval
  - minimum interval: the minimum duration the sender should wait after sending a message
    and before resending the message. This is AKA Retransmission timer value
  - Note: we may introduce algorithms to control resend interval (e.g., exponential backoff).
+ Retransmission count:  the number of unack'd re-transmsissions the sender makes before declaring an unrecoverable problem

+ Capability exchange: Parameters TBD.  For example: the types of MEP supported, WS-RM spec options supported, additional transport bindings supported (besides HTTP), message storage persistance classes/ capabilities, recovery actions to be taken on failure/recovery (power outage, no-ack count expired, crash tolerance, etc).

Alan Weissberger
NEC Labs America
1 408 863 6042

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