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Subject: Re: [wsrm] [REL-14] WSDL for WSRM: extensibility elements?

> We should write and send a liaison to w3c wsdl group about this one.
> This is much wider than just for wsrm, and maybe they have some ideas on it.
> would anyone like to craft a liaison contribution to send to them with
> our questions and concerns
> about wsdl and soap extensions, in general?
> Tom Rutt

I like the idea of sending a liaison to w3c wsdl group. They may give us some
advices for the solution of this issue.

Before discussing this possibility I would like to suggest a solution which has
not been considered yet : exploiting the WSDL extensibility features. I have not
thourogly investigated the solution at the moment, but I would like to hear some
ideas/comments from you about the possibility of defining proprietary (actually
standardized) elements to be added, for example, in the WSDL binding element,
such in a way that current WSDL docs could be extended to include ws-rm related

Best Regards,

   Paolo Romano
PS May be I should be posting WSDL related mails on the apposite wsdl sub-list,
please let me know if you prefer me to do so.

Paolo Romano

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