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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Working Draft 0.52


John Fuller wrote:

> Section 3, Message Format, Figure 4,
> What does the acknowledgement message really look like now?

 Ack. msg. will have a Response Header with RefToGroupId and an
 optional RefToSequenceNumber.

> The drawing is very different from the precommittee draft, but I'm
> having trouble
> finding discussions about or specifications for the revised
> acknowledgement message.

 See the resolutions and/or F2F meeting minutes for details. It does capture
 the resolutions we closed on or before Sep 5th except for 2 minor ones:
    1)  ReplyTo is not a sub-element, rather an attribute.
    2)  Fault doesn't have Fault Code sub-element.

> The drawing shows Fault now built into the header instead of sent as an
> extension
> of a SOAP fault.

 SOAP Fault is indeed sent in the Body itself. However, the <detail> information
 is sent in Header as required by SOAP 1.1

> The drawing also indicates something is above the response in sequence.
> Is the message header still part of the acknowledgement?

 Ack. response also has a MessageHeader.

> A timestamp and group id might be useful for troubleshooting
> and continue the concept of a "header" element for RM messages.


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