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Subject: Re: [wsrm] From now on I will only distribute the call info by email


I am not sure I understand the security implications of distributing the 
teleconference phone number and identifier.  Does the teleconference not 
have a separate moderator code?  That code may have leaked (or been 
guessed) once but generally provides the authentication necessary here.

OASIS TC calls are almost always described in detail on the group 
calendar and in email without security problems (that I have heard 
about).  I would much prefer we stick with the normal system, especially 
since multiple ways to reach the information increase the chances 
everyone sees it.


On 05-Nov-03 10:09, Prasad Yendluri wrote:

> Tom,
> Aren't TC archives still browsable by anyone? Does that still leave a hole?
> Prasad
> Tom Rutt wrote:
>> The bridge service determined that someone fradulently grabbed our 
>> bridge last
>> night.
>> I will be receiving a new passcode to use from now on.
>> However, I will not put the bridge info on the web site anymore, and will
>> only distribute it on the email list, along with the agenda, on the 
>> friday before each call.
>> Sorry for the inconvenience.
>> Tom Rutt
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