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Subject: Re: [wsrm] Need to rethink semantics of duplicate elimination behaviour

Doing nothing, identical to the handling of the original message that 
remains in the "hold for rest of sequence" queue.

On 16-Dec-03 13:50, Tom Rutt wrote:

> Doug Bunting wrote:
>> Sorry, I must have missed something important a while back.  The idea 
>> of a fault returned when a duplicate is received seems flawed from the 
>> start and the questions below are only the start of the problems.
>> From the original sender's perspective, it is irrelevant whether it 
>> was the previous outbound message or the acknowledgement response that 
>> was lost.  That system is looking for an
> The case is a resend of a message which has not been acked because the 
> message is held
> on the receiver side waiting for an ack.
> How does the receiver rmp reply to this resend,  It MUST not ack because 
> the message
> has not been delivered.
> I beliieve a special fault message, with the proper semantics, should be 
> send back immediately
> to stop the sender from resending, since the message was already received.
> How would you recommend to handle this case?
> Tom Rutt

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