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Subject: Action Item list from 5/11 meeting

1 Status of Action Items
1.1 Action editors-1 (Marc and Doug) Pending

Marc G and Doug B to updated issues list to reflect agreements in CD .992.
- open

1.2 Action 042904-3 (Jacques) Pending

Jacques took an action item to propose this new subsection on special
considerations for wsdl request/response operations.

Will incorporate into next draft.

1.3 Action 042904-4 (Jacques) Pending

Jacques took action item to add appropriate text to also clarify that an 
RM-Fault must be returned if the message cannot be delivered because the 
requested reply pattern is not supported

1.4 Action 050404-1 (Iwasa)
Action on Iwasa to add new annex pointing at schema with the
disclaimer of precidens.


1.5 Action 050404-2 (Iwasa)

Action: Iwasa should check if item 7.13 is done.

1.6 Action 050404-3 (Iwasa)


Action iwasa needs to clarify resolution of item 10.3.

1.7 Action 050404-4 (Iwasa)

Iwasa has action item to update figures to get rid of application layer.


1.8 Action 050404-5 (Iwasa)

When used with soap 1.1, the soap1.1 mustUnderstand attribute MUST be
present with value equal to 1 in all RM header blocks.

When used with Soap 1.2, the soap1.2 mustUnderstand attribute MUST be
present with value equal to 1 in all RM header blocks.

Also: Version number should be in the title of the document as version 1.1.

Joe Chiusano moved to accept this change, Bob F seconded.

No discussion.

No opposition, motion passes.

Aleady been applied to schema and text.

Iwasa: action to ensure the two statements are included. Incorporate
version 1.1 in title of spec.


1.9 Action 050404-7 (Iwasa and Jacques)

Jacques, took action, with Iwasa, to produce a new editors draft .997
by Friday. Indicate which public review coments are resolved.



1.10 Action 051104-1 (Tom)
Action: Tom will reopen issue on not supported feature fault for 
discussion at next week meeting.

1.11 Action 051104-2 (Iwasa)

? Action: Iwasa to apply PC11.6 resolution

1.12 Action 051104-3 (Tony)

Action Tony will take PC 11.11 to email discussion

1.13 Action 051104-4 (Iwasa and Jacques)

Action: Editors shall incorporate PC11.14 into next draft

1.14 Action 051104-5 (Tony)

PC11.15 and 11.19

Tony: Action to send to the list the exact change required on the .996 text.

1.15 Action 051104-6 (Iwasa)

Iwasa: action to add period if missing for PC11.20

1.16 Action 051104-7 (Iwasa)

Action: Iwasa will turn smart quotes to normal quotes. Tom will send the 
required edits to remove smart quotes to Iwasa

1.17 Action 051104-8 (Tom)

Action: tom will start email discussion on this normative statement of 
our soap http post binding, and proper conformance text.

1.18 Action 051104-9 (Anish)

Anish action to provide amended proposal on reply to element, target for 
approval at next meeting.

1.19 Action 051104-10 (Jacques)

The current answer is only about reply patterns.
Jacques; Action: Jacques will write an answer to the FAW question on how 
WS-Reliability relates to WSDL operation types.

Tom Rutt	email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@us.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

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