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Subject: Re: [wsrm] clarification on Respond primitive


On 11-Jun-04 14:11, Jacques Durand wrote:


> Now, here is a position on the duplicate issue:
> - The response to a duplicate - whether acknowledged or not - should never
> be passed through the WS stack of the sending side. It should be caught 
> by the RMP
> and discarded. The Producer should never be aware of it, simply because 
> the Producer
> in the first place did not / cannot have generated this duplicate ! (it 
> has to originate
> at RMP level, because a duplicate Submit call on an RMP will translate
> into different message IDs.)
> - so the question is : how can the receiving RMP "mark" this response so 
> that
> teh sending RMP will not pass it to the Producer?

This question implies an all-powerful receiving RMP that also has complete 
control over the underlying protocol and can assure itself that no 
duplicates or unequal delays will occur during message transfer.  The 
sending RMP must be responsible for filtering duplicate RM-Replies it 
receives and preventing redundant Notify invocations.  Such a requirement 
is entirely reasonable since the sending RMP already tracks message 
identifiers for which RM-Replies are outstanding.

Unless, of course, you have reversed our abstract model's identification of 
the sending and receiving RMP?  In the model, the receiving RMP publicizes 
information and "sends" RM-Replies to the sending RMP.

> Jacques


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