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wsrm message

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Subject: draftt talking points

Key Talking Points for WS-Reliability Version 1.1
- This specification removes a major barrier to the adoption of web 
services, enabling high levels of reliability for SOAP-based 
communications, in a broad range of applications.

- The WS-Reliability specification defines a flexible protocol for 
exchanging SOAP based messages, enabling the following Qualities of Service:
• Guaranteed delivery (at least once)- the sent message must be 
delivered at the receiver or else a notification of potential delivery 
failure is given to the sender
• Duplicate elimination (at most once) - duplicates are detected and 
eliminated by the receiver
• Guaranteed message ordering - messages are delivered in the order sent

- WS-Reliability protocol supports WSDL Request-Response and One-Way 
• Request-Response operations: All specified RM QOS features apply to 
the request body for these operations, however nothing is assured for 
the "response" leg of the operation. The Response Reply pattern enables 
the receiver to return an RM-Acknowledgement or RM-fault indication in 
an underlying protocol response.
• WS-Reliability is particularly well suited for document-centric 
one-way asynchronous communications, which is emerging as a common 
messaging model for web services.
o The Callback Reply Pattern enables a receiver to invoke a message 
containing RM-acknowledgements and RM-faults on a reply-to destination 
provided by the sender.
o The Polling Reply Pattern enables a Sender behind a firewall, which 
prohibits incoming requests, to invoke a polling operation on the 
receiver, which returns RM-Acknowledgement and RM-Reply indications for 
a set of previously sent reliable message requests.

- Any valid subset of WS-Reliability protocol features may be 
implemented by a conformant system.

- Differences between OASIS WS-Reliability and proprietary WS-Reliable 
• OASIS WS-Reliability developed in an Open Standards Process, while 
WS-Reliable Messaging was developed as a proprietary spec by a group of 
vendors who chose to not work within an Open Standards process.
• WS Reliable Messaging support for Request/Response operations 
• WS-Reliability does not rely on proprietary Policy and Addressing 
specifications to configure sending and receiving options, and does not 
need to be pre-configured prior to message exchange.
• Differences in initiating/terminating groups for message sequences
o WS-Reliable messaging uses explicit operations to initiate and 
terminate groups
o WS-Reliability automatically initiates a new group with its first 
message, and requires an explicit Expiry time for each reliable message, 
to simplify group termination aspects of the protocol.
• Differences in Acknowledgement Mechanisms
o WS-Reliable Messaging protocol requires receiver to indicate all prior 
messages received in the group in each acknowledgement message returned, 
and does not support polling for acknowledgements
o WS-Reliability protocol sends RM-replies (acks or RM-fault 
indications) only as necessary. RM-Replies can be requested for all 
messages sent in a group by sending a RM-poll request.
• WS-Reliability has its own RM-Fault delivery mechanism
o SOAP faults are used when the error cannot be hidden from the user layer
o RM-fault mechanism provides batching of faults and acknowledgement 
o Not mapping RM-Fault to SOAP fault allows piggybacking RM-Fault 
indications on business messages

- Timeline for WS-Reliability Specification:
• 9 Jan 2003 - First published version
A group of leading IT vendors collaborated to develop a web services 
specification for reliable messaging, called WS-Reliability 1.0 
(Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, Oracle, Sonic, Sun).
• 13 Feb 2003 - OASIS WSRM TC publicly announced
to develop WS-Reliability Version 1.1 as royalty-free Open Standard
• 5 Sep 2003 – Reliability Requirements Document Published

• 9 Dec 2003 – Public Interop Demo at XML/2003
Fujitsu, Hitachi, Oracle, NEC and Sun implemented CD 0.52
• 17 Mar 2004 – OASIS Public Review of CD 0.992 initiated
• 24 Aug 2004 – TC votes to recommend CD 1.086 for OASIS Member Review
• 16 Oct 2004 – OASIS Member Vote on WS-Reliability Version 1.1 initiated
• 30 Oct 2004 – OASIS Member Vote completes

Tom Rutt	email: tom@coastin.com; trutt@us.fujitsu.com
Tel: +1 732 801 5744          Fax: +1 732 774 5133

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