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Subject: [wsrp-interfaces] Parameters of Interface discussion

As discussed in the conference call, here is a document and a presentation detailing the parameters (not API parameters, but rather discussion parameters) around which the interface discussions have revolved. I have omitted the "action" parameter/discussion as I feel we haven't discussed it enough.
Mike, Carsten - I have edited the document and presentation to use your new terminology and your new model. Kudos on the good work! I would like to note that when editing my stuff, I found one term/concept missing from your model - the "thing" which is per-user-per-entity. You had a Scope for it (the Entity Session Scope), but did not define it. I used the term Runtime Entity. It would be nice if this concept could be added to the model to synchronize between them. If you prefer another term, feel free to use it, and I will change my stuff.
Alan - I see your discussion outline included a discussion by me and/or Carsten on "Sessions", which is definitely the major parameter in these documents. I would like to present this presentation as the basis for the discussion, maybe after the discussion on the model. The document is meant to be a detailing of the presentation, so I will probably hand it out.
Gil Tayar

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