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wsrp-interfaces message

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Subject: [wsrp-interfaces] [wsrp][interfaces] 8/29 Agenda

Mike will not be available today but we can still use his dial in number
for the interfaces call.

The dial-in information is
In the US: 877-302-8255
Outside US: +1 303-928-2609
Conference id is:  8814427

I would propose to discuss the following items:

- feasibility of session management across factors in AXIS

- discuss the issues in the current spec draft
      - orange colored questions in the 0.4 version of the spec

      - in addition:
      - ConsumerContext:
            - does the userID make sense here
      - MarkupContext
            - no client parameters?
      - MarkupResponse
            - action markup encoding?
      - how and where will the user parameters be passed?
      - URL encoding
            - does it make sense to have just one format for action,
render, namespacing, etc and define the behaviour only via the parameters
or should be format the URL differently for each type?

Best regards
Carsten Leue

Dr. Carsten Leue
Dept.8288, IBM Laboratory B÷blingen , Germany
Tel.: +49-7031-16-4603, Fax: +49-7031-16-4401

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