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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interop] fault details

sorry, could you explain a little further? when you say that oracle's jaxrpc impl has problems, what approach were you using that failed, and what approach are you using now (if any)?

do you mean that you tried adding additional application fault fields, and you reverted to using the soap fault "details"?

Andre Kramer wrote:
RE: [wsrp-interop] fault details

The JAX-RPC implementation used by Oracle had problems with additional elements so we are limited to those defined for SOAP 1.1. for now.


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From: jeff [mailto:Jeff.Blattman@Sun.COM]
Sent: 05 April 2004 23:40
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Subject: [wsrp-interop] fault details


can someone explain why the WSRP fault types do not have a details,
reason, cause, message, etc field?

we've noticed that the faults from BEA's producers come across with a
"details" section in the soap fault. this is most helpful and we'd like
to replicate that behavior. however, since the wsrp fault types do not
have such a field this producer must be doing something like inserting
the details manually into the soap fault, or modifying the wsrp types to
include details.

it is also possible that the producer's implementation causes the WSRP
fault types to extend SOAPFaultException, which allows details to be
added. however, we are using jaxrpc and our jaxrpc expert assures us
that this violates the spec ... all application faults must extend

any help is appreciated.

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