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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interop] cloning bahaviour


My interpretation is that a Producer should not throw 
StateChangeRequired fault when the portletStateChange flag is set to 
cloneBeforeWrite or readWrite. Firstly, the Producer has a chance to 
make state changes. Secondly, with the interpretation you present, the 
consumer first makes a call with cloneBeforeWrite, gets a fault, clones, 
and then repeats the pbia. This is more work for the Consumer and more 
waiting time for the end user.


Richard Jacob wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I have some questions regarding cloning and would like to hear your
> interpretations.
> Especially I'm interested in the cloneBeforeWrite handling.
> In the spec, section 6.3.2, page 43, lines 9-19 we say the following about
> the portletStateChange flag set to cloneBeforeWrite:
> 1. if Producer clones the portlet first, persistent state changes are
> handled as if readsWrite was set
> 2. if Producer does not clone the portlet, persistent state changes are
> handled as if readOnly was set
> My interpretation here is that implicit cloning on the Producer side is
> optional, i.e. if cloneBeforeWrite is set, the Producer can choose not to
> clone implicitly and throw a stateChangeRequired fault in the same way as
> if would do so for readOnly set (of course in the case where persistent
> state change is necessary).
> In this case the Consumer is "forced" to explicitly clone the portlet first
> and then to proceed.
> So my questions are:
> 1. can a Producer throw a StateChangeRequired fault on a
> performBlockingInteraction() if the portletStateChange field was set
> cloneBeforeWrite?
> 2. Should in general Consumers interpret this StateChangeRequired fault as
> an signal to explicit clone a portlet prior to proceeding?
> Mit freundlichen Gruessen / best regards,
>         Richard Jacob
> ______________________________________________________
> IBM Lab Boeblingen, Germany
> Dept.8288, WebSphere Portal Server Development
> Phone: ++49 7031 16-3469  -  Fax: ++49 7031 16-4888
> Email: mailto:richard.jacob@de.ibm.com
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