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Subject: Re: [wsrp-markup] [wsrp][markup] Aug 14 Conf Call Agenda

    We way want to also rediscuss the URL encoding decision we made last week.  On second read of the "recommendation" I pointed us to I believe that it is more limited in scope then I had originally thought and probably doesn't apply to our situation. Basically, The recommendation seems to merely concern itself with user agents that are handed links which aren't properly URL encoded/escaped.  Properly encoded/escaped URLs aren't addressed.  My assumption is the user agents are expected to use them as they are represented.  I.e. the recommendation is merely about how user agents should deal with servers that generate malformed links.  It doesn't concern itself with how a server should char set encode its URLs.  We ran some experiments with IE and Netscape that suggest servers encoding URLs in the same char set as the markup are best supported.  I will forward what we found to the list in head of further discussion.

Chris Braun wrote:

Wednesday August 14, 12:00PM EDT

To join this conference:

For quick access, go to https://bowstreet.spiderphone.com/27914907
(This link will help connect both your browser and telephone to the call)

OR dial 1 (866) 633-2978 or +1 (646) 485-9300 and enter 2791 4907

Markup members, Here is the agenda for this weeks conference call. Items to be covered:1. Resource URLs    a. Proxy Resource URL        i.  Versus Portlet Entity Resouces        ii. Multiple Resource Locations portlet may have references to resources residing on different hosts as well as relative reference to resource residing on the producer host.  Do we require that all resource locations be fully qualified? Given a more complex producer, this issue can be handled by the producer container.  Where as the prducer container always generates fully qualified URLs. Other possibility is to allow the producer to provide a base URI.  This base URI will be used by the consumer to identify the fully qualified location by appending the resource location to the base URI when the location is not fully qualified.     b. Portlet Resource URL        i. Do we need another URL type to distinguish between proxy and portlet entity resourses.  Such as wsia:urlType=resource and wsia:urlType=proxyresource        ii.  Is there a new method signature for the interface, such as getResource() ?  Or is this embedded in the getMarkup call? 2.  Attachments    a.  Soap Vs. Dime        - Soap Dependency        - Effect on WSDL Binding info        - Implementation Specific?    b.  Where is the attachment embedded for both a response and a request (i.e. interactionContext, interactionResponse, markupContext, markupResponse)? Postponed topics - Window States        Can portlet entities render action links which change window state?- Button and Label consistency across portlets        How can configuration interfaces maintain a consistent look and verbiage across entities.  For example when saving customize information should buttons read "apply" or "save".  

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