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Subject: Re: [wsrp-markup] Today's call

Hi Michael,

I don't think these concerns are important enough to delay 1.0. I am 
simply passing along comments sent to me wrt the CSS classes that we 
have. The most often repeated comment is that we are, if anything, 
offering less than what is desired, and I think we can address almost 
all of these concerns with contributions to the primer.

We discussed it in our meeting today, and we decided to explore it 
further and gather more input. Our plan is to concentrate on 
developing better, more clear, explanations of the CSS classes with 
examples over the summer. We opaln to look at such questions we have 
received as:

"What exactly is a 'portlet-section' and do we really need it?"

  "What, if anything, is sufficiently differentiated in a 
'portlet-table' that requires it to be a separate set of classes 
rather than simply using tables as defined in html?"

And there are several other questions on Forms and Menus that we will look at.

I also haven't had time to go over the examples you provided from 
Oracle yesterday, but I have heard that quite a bit of it will serve 
our purposes quite well. I am going to try to go over it tomorrow 
before the TC meeting.


At 7:46 PM -0700 6/11/03, Michael Freedman wrote:
>Sorry, I didn't get around to this before your meeting today.  From 
>your prior message to me this week you seem to think we need a major 
>revision to our CSS classes.  I suggest this be evaluated/discussed 
>at the whole TC level with respect to its impact on 1.0.  I.e. do 
>you have a version/revision/upgrade plan?  Would it be better to 
>delay 1.0 in lieu of the future changes and just improve it now?
>Anyway can you add this to this/next weeks TC agenda -- I sure don't 
>want to release 1.0 if we think a portion of it is damaged yet don't 
>have an upgrade plan.
>    -Mike-
>Rex Brooks wrote:
>>Thanks for the note, Rich. We will take note of this, and discuss it.
>>At 7:54 AM -0400 6/11/03, Rich Thompson wrote:
>>>I will not be able to make today's call as I need to take a son to 
>>>a doctor appointment.
>>>I do intend to regularly participate in the markup SC and am 
>>>particularly interested in the CSS class discussion. As a basic 
>>>reminder, the portlet-table-* set of classes were created because 
>>>people found the mapping of the more general portlet-section-* 
>>>classes to be problematic. We should debate whether changing the 
>>>descriptions in the spec are worth it at this time (we would need 
>>>to recommend the exact changes as an errata item) or whether 
>>>elaborated discussion in the primer will suffice for v1.
>>>Rich Thompson

Rex Brooks
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