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wsrp-webservice message

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Subject: [wsrp-webservice] Two items related to sending markup fragments as attachments

Title: [wsrp-webservice] Two items related to sending markup fragments as attachments

An infoset - friendly attachment proposal (see my presentation at last WSRP f2f):

SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism
W3C XML Protocol Working Group, W3C Working Draft

The working draft describes an abstract feature and a concrete
implementation of it for optimizing the transmission and/or wire format
of SOAP messages. The abstract feature selectively re-encodes portions
of the message, while still presenting an XML Infoset to the SOAP
application. The Abstract Transmission Optimization Feature is intended
to be implemented by SOAP bindings, however nothing precludes
implementation as a SOAP module. An Inclusion Mechanism implements
part of the Abstract Transmission Optimization Feature in a binding-
independant way. This document represents a transmission optimization
strategy inspired by a similar mechanism in the PASWA document
("Proposed Infoset Addendum to SOAP Messages with Attachments").


Microsoft released a preview of WSE 2.0 which (like 1.0) allows sending attachments using DIME:

Security Featured in Microsoft Web Services Enhancements Version 2.0
Technology Preview.

Microsoft has released Web Services Enhancements V2.0 Technology
Preview. WSE 2.0 includes a policy framework, enhanced security model,
message-oriented programming model, and support for multiple hosting
environments. WSE provides a foundation for building applications
based on Web services specifications published by Microsoft and
industry partners including WS-Security, WS-Policy, WS-SecurityPolicy,
WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation and WS-Addressing.


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