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wsrp-wsia message

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Subject: [wsia][wsrp-wsia] customization/properties call minutes for Sep 25


Andre Kramer, Citrix
Timothy N. Jones, CrossWeave
Ravi Konuru, IBM
Bruce Lucas, IBM
Julie Macnaught, IBM
Rich Thompson, IBM
Charles Wiecha, IBM
Eric VanLydegraf, Kinzan
Yossi Tamari, SAP Portals
Joe Rudnicki, US Navy


[See slides at 

1. Need to propose replacement for properties section of joint spec.

 Goal is to get this fleshed out in time for discussion on Oct 10 call.

2. Review open issues

- user context: what parts are relevant (e.g., role information).  May need to 
further factor this.
- setEntityProperties now returns interaction response (like performInteraction
- formatting of property lists
3. Drill down into metadata

- need to factor entity handles back in again
- schema 
	- is schema processing required? yes
	- should entities have embedded schemata or full-blown wsdl?  schema 
for 1.0
	- do we need to include the <schema> subelement at all?  is there 
another standard way to attach a schema with a doc?
	- wsdl recommends using subelements rather than attributes, our 
(xforms) notation uses a "type" attribute on <bind>

4. Drill down into get/set

- need to factor entity handles back in again
- property "name" is an attribute (vs. subelement)...

5. Open questions

- no lifecycle restrictions
- setEntityProperties is atomic (all succeed or fail together)
- setEntityProperties does not return list of changed properties
- need to think about editing of multi-valued properties
- need to think about how to reset property to default value

Next call 

Wednesday, October 2
9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern, 6:00pm Central European
1-877-299-7551, passcode 2696#

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