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Subject: RE: [wsrp][pfbm] -- Getting started

I think your approach is fine.  Let me throw out a couple thoughts for

- From interactions with customers and others involved with web services
currently, I've found few that really are pushing on the 'Find' part of
PFBM.  Most folks are dealing with services they explicitly know about.   So
I would propose that WSRP really doesn't need to invent anything new in the
'Find' arena, unless of course the requirements we converge on for 'PBM'
have some implications on what can be supported with the current UDDI
specs(which I'm not a SME on).

- On a similar note, I would argue that 'Publish' is simply a formal method
of making known Bind/Metadata information about a WSRP service, and that we
don't need to invent anything new in this arena either.  Another arguement
deferring much of a focus on publish/find, at least initially, is that it
seems these could be affected by what the bind/metadata part ends up looking

So, I'd suggest we focus on bind/metadata for starters.

Some initial questions(should be answered in order):
a) What actions should a portal application be able to take based on the
published metadata about a WSRP service? 
Metadata requirements should directly fall out of this. 
b) Which metadata is required?  Which is optional?
c) Will we support an extension mechanism to allow vendors to include custom
metadata?  Example scenario?

As far as work product, it seems that we need to document requirements and
then a spec for the metadata schema(perhaps dtd & any companion semantic
information?).  Not sure we need to do anything more...

Note:  Tim Granshaw sent me a note following the F2F expressing an interest
in contributing to this group.  We should include Tim in any
correspondance(if we have any outside of the standard wsrp mail alias).

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Freedman [mailto:Michael.Freedman@oracle.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 5:41 PM
Subject: [wsrp][pfbm] -- Getting started

Note: [PFBM] is short for [Publish, Find, Bind, and Meta-data]

Folks,  in particular Mark Cassidy, Jeff Broberg, Petr Palas, its time
to get ourselves organized and going.  At the face-to-face we decided
not to schedule regular conference calls -- but didn't really discuss
how we would begin.  Any suggestions?  Did you like the approach I took
with [interfaces and protocols]? Namely, attempt to categorize the
problem space and pose the questions we need to begin discussing?  If so
would someone like to make a stab at this to get us started?  Other

I also am interested in what work product(s) you think we should
produce.  Is our first task (once we understand what questions we are
answering) to write a requirements doc? If so do we stop there?  Do we
also try and move from requirements to spec?


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