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Subject: [wsrp] Re: [wsrp-comment] Comment on Today's Joint Interfaces WorkingTelecon

The glossary type definition I jotted down as this conversation neared
consensus was:

Session: A Producer managed data storage mechanism whose scope is defined
by a Consumer. Common scopes include an End-User, a user group or an
arbitrary Consumer defined scope.

Hope this is close to what others heard as well.

                      Rex Brooks                                                                                    
                      <rexb@starbourne.        To:       Michael Freedman <Michael.Freedman@oracle.com>, Rex Brooks 
                      com>                      <rexb@starbourne.com>                                               
                                               cc:       wsia-comment@lists.oasis-open,                             
                      06/11/2002 02:23          wsrp-comment@lists.oasis-open.org                                   
                      PM                       Subject:  Re: [wsrp-comment] Comment on Today's Joint Interfaces     
                                                Working Telecon                                                     

Thanks, Mike,

I wanted to be sure of this since we are scheduled to work on the
glossary tomorrow, and I would like to capture at least as much as we
managed to reach consensus on.


At 11:11 AM -0700 6/11/02, Michael Freedman wrote:
>I think you mostly got it.  The key mistake (if I understand your e-mail)
>is that the client/consumer session is equivalent to the sessionID in the
>API.  The client/consumer session is of no concern to the API as its
>something between the client and the consumer vs. the consumer and the
>producer.  Yes, its likely that a consumer will tie its session
>conversation with a particular producer to live within this
>client/consumer scope but it need not.
>    -Mike-
>Rex Brooks wrote:
>>  Hi Everyone,
>>  Unless I had cotton in my ears, I think we neared consensus on what a
>>  Session is for the purposes of having a sessionID for the interface.
>>  Correct me please if I am wrong, but I believe we arrived at a point
>>  where we can say that what we mean by Session is the conversation
>>  started by one end-user requesting service from one consumer, such
>>  that a sessionID is created by the consumer whose responsibility it
>>  is to manage this session/conversation with the end-user,  providing
>>  for delivery of service from one or more producers.
>>  There was also a related concept put forward for consideration called
>>  a sharedSession. This concept had many possible configurations, but
>>  the basic idea was that something like this was needed, in addition
>>  to transientEntities for economical management of multiple portlets
>>  within containers, multiple producers within a session, etc.
>>  TransientEntities and sharedSessions were not quite narrowed down
>>  enough for consensus to emerge, and I may be mistaken about
>>  sessionID, but we certainly worked tenaciously at the interface
>>  issues.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Rex
>>  --
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