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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] [change request #248 ] Section CSS classes

This came in from an internal review of our defined CSS classes.  As I didn't partake in much of the design discussions hence don't know if/why we choose against this I have added as a change request so we can discuss:

Document: Spec 0.92

Section: 10.5.4 Sections

Page/Line: 73/5

Requested by: Michael Freedman

Old Text:

portlet-section-header, ....
New Text:
Add a new section to differentiate section styles from table styles.


In the WSRP spec, there are a set of "portlet-section" classes defined to "affect the rendering of markup sections such as table, div and span (i.e. alignment, borders, background color, etc.) as well as their text attributes." These are:
The trouble is, these classes seem to be satisfying two different functions:
1.        styling information presented in tables
2.        styling section headers, sub-headers, etc.
To follow the Oracle look and feel guidelines, this means we are likely to end up defining these classes separately for table cell elements, and for textual elements


/* Format text spans and paragraphs as section headers*/
p.portlet-section-header, span.portlet-section-header

/* Format DIVs, TABLEs and any of the components of a table with the standard background for header cells */
div.portlet-section-header, table.portlet-section-header, thead.portlet-section-header, tfoot.portlet-section-header, tbody.portlet-section-header, tr.portlet-section-header, td.portlet-section-header
 font-family:Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif;

Could the committee perhaps consider removing the 'overloading' from the portlet-section classes, and define separate classes to be used for table cells and for textual headings?


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