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Subject: WSRP WSDL not currently conformant with WSDL 1.1 schema

Claus Von Riegen, who is a new observer of the WSRP from SAP and a WSDL and UDDI expert, had been running our WSDL through WS-I testing tools, which check for WSDL schema conformance. He found one minor problem regarding our definition of SOAP faults.
Our WSDL uses qualified names to reference portType fault operations from soap:fault elements. Taking the following WSDL fragment (that is part of a wsdl:operation, which in turn is part of a wsdl:binding) as an example,
  <wsdl:fault name="AccessDenied"> 
    <soap:fault name="intf:AccessDenied" use="literal"/> 
The "intf:" prefix makes the WSDL document invalid against the WSDL 1.1 schema, since the soap:fault name attribute is of type NCName.

Removing all occurrences of the "intf:" prefix should resolve the issue. 

I am sorry to raise this issue at such a late point, but I think that since fixing it is very simple and should not create controversy, and since it doesn't affect the spec itself, we can fix it without reopening the ballot...


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